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2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

People with reduced mobility must walk to PRM service providers at the airport for special services, from there they will be escorted to the check-in desk appropriated for reduced mobility passengers. PRM service providers assist disabled people in checking-in and transferring luggage.

In case if passengers do not want to avail PRM service and make their way to departure lounge, they must walk to special assistance desk or else they may delay themselves and miss the flight.

At thespecial assistance desk, passengers are provided help in every regard from luggage transfer to amenities. If any systematic delay occurs, disabled people will be assisted to access all facilities they are entitled.

Boarding Of Reduced Mobility Passengers

(People with Reduced Mobility) PRM service provides escort the disabled passenger to departure lounge where they have to wait until the aircraft is ready to accept passengers.

They will be taken to a point by a stair-free route where they will be received by ambulift or special vehicle. Every single attempt is made to assure that passengers must feel stress-free and relaxed while getting into the aircraft.

People who are able to walk into the aircraft by normal route will be pre-boarded or assisted through departure gates. People can stay in their wheelchairs until boarding but the wheelchairs will be taken and accommodated in a space inside the aircraft after they are seated in the cabin.

Disabled Car Parking

Luton Airport parking bay also contains disabled car parking bay for reduced mobility passengers. Parking bays for PRM are available in all car parks. Standard Car parking prices apply for each parking bay. All parking bays i.e. Long term, midterm & short term have disabled parking areas for those who hold blue badge.

Shuttle service to the terminal building of the airport runs regularly after every 10 minutes and the drivers are also instructed to help disabled customers. Buses can also be embarked if requested. The disabled passengers can request special assistance by using green phones at special assistance help points at Luton airport. PRM special assistance personnel provide assistance to disabled passengers.

Wheelchair On Board

Disabled passengers are allowed to take electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters onboard. Passengers must inform the flight in advance and provide information of wheelchairs or scooters. The information includes model, weight, and height of wheelchair.

You can book disability assistance online and submit the filled form to the flight authorities and they will add it to their list. There are some limitations on wheelchairs. Wheelchairs with only Lithium ion or Dry/gel batteries are allowed. The dimension of a wheelchair, when shrunken, must not exceed the height of 80 (cm) x width of 118 (cm) and depth of 118 (cm). Wheelchair wiring must be well insulated and power switching mechanism must be removed.

Disembark From The Aircraft

According to Civil Aviation Authority rules and regulations, assistance to 80% of pre-booked PRMs will be provided within 5 minutes after flight touchdown, 100% assistance will be provided to pre-booking PRMs within 20 minutes and to non-pre-booked PRMs assistance will be provided within 25 minutes of flight touchdown. One carer will be assisting PRMs from flight to arrival hall and out of the terminal building.

Passengers may collect their wheelchairs at the aircraft. PRMs those who arrive on international flights will be taken through an access door specific for PRMs.PRM special assistance personnel help the disabled passengers in all check-outs, collecting luggage and transportation.


Passengers must contact their airline services if they want to book any particular facility. Airport distances are often long and people with disabilities cannot walk long distances without assistance. Those people who have visual or auditory problems should also contact airlines services. They may face problems in listening to instructions.

Disabled passengers must contact airport services in case if they wish to avail any service although green phones are located at places at the airport for special assistance. People with reduced mobility are provided wheelchair assistance. Induction loops are available for people having hearing problems. Some facilities are pre-booked, it advised to inform airport authorities 48 hours before flight departure.

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