Sklamberg and the Shepherds

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

The place is very refreshing and relaxing when you listen to reggae music performed by three artists belong to Eastern Europe. Lorin Sklamberg, co-found of Klezmatics, Merlin Shepherd – clarinetist and vocalist Polina Shepherd. All performers share their same background although represent different nations.

This new teamwork unites old-fashioned and present-day tracks with Klezmer styels. The tracks are Yiddish and Russian. The trio performs a mixture of original and traditional music with self-determination and naturalness.

With woeful lone clarinet, lively village songs, and some blistering singings, their show takes us on a spectacular melodious voyage that is full of lively ecstasy and profound sentiments. “Refreshing and lively music” the Essential Klezmer.

Meal Deals at The Stabless

With some extra money you can have Meal Deal along with concert performances. By paying £17.50 per head you will be served in Café in2, Eastern Europe Meal Deal. That will enlighten your evening twice. The feeling will be no less when enjoying the melody of Eastern European culture along with European Meal.

The deal consists of meat but for vegetarians the options is also available. So you don’t have to worry is you are a vegetarian you will also be served with the same spirit.

You will find the club staff very co-operative and friendly. If you want to get deals of meal deals you can simple send a query on the official email address or you can also get information on a phone call.

Event And Programs

A complete list of events is updated regularly. You can find details of events on the official website of the club. If you are a fan of music you get find a detailed list of programs.

Every month best singers perform at the stage of the Stabless and you can watch their live performances. Americana, Classical, blues, comedy, Folk, Jazz, Family shows, Rock & Pop and hence all kind of musical events are organized.

Performers sing their latest songs from their latest released albums. Stay contacted with the Stables and get up updates about concerts. You can make your advance booking to so that you must not miss any chance to present and watch the live performance of artists.

Place for Rent

The stables offer you to rent the place for your events and programs. If you a program organizer you can hire the place at suitable rates. You can arrange concerts or official events; the place is suitable to accommodate a huge population.

Your guest can park their cars in the suitable parking areas and the surrounding of the place is very fascinating. You may concessions if you would like to get some details and provide your program information to the Stables authorities.

If you are arranging some official programs you can order for meal for officials. Detailed menu of cuisine can be obtained from the customer care representative. If you have any queries feel free to contact the service provider personnel.

Learning Programs at The Stables

Each year more than 250 participants participate in learning activities organized in the Stables. People of all ages are encouraged to joined learning programs. Learning activities are related to music-making. The sessions include number of interactive concerts and students from schools and colleges are welcome to attend the workshops. Guidance is also provided in community project making.

Course of all nature are available i.e. short-term and long term. Programs that are organized in the Stabless offer a wide range of rock, pop, reggae, jazz, classical and world music. In 1970, first ever course was offered in the Stabless by John Dankwort & Cleo Laine. They both crossed the barriers of music and unlocked numerous musical styles. Today their pupils are among the top singers on Top charts.

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