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2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

Passengers traveling with disabilities may require special assistance during their flights. Special assistance is provided by the airline and passengers should contact the airline they are traveling with 48 hours prior to traveling. The flight management provides all kind of assistance to disable passengers.

Disabled facilities include; special assistance help points, wheelchair accessible check-in desks and doors and special assistance seating areas. Passengers are advised to request for special assistance on the day of flight reservation.

Request can be made by a phone to customer services centers. Airline companies are responsible to pay special attention to passengers with reduced mobility and passengers with special needs.

Help Point For Disabled Passengers

Passengers who are physical impaired and need special assistance, in car parking or within or out of terminal premises, should reach to these help points in case if they wish to avail any special assistance. Special assistance help points are located at difference places at the airport and can be found in car parking, outside and inside the terminal building with designated help desks.

Along with escort services, luggage, taxi and help on public transportation is also provided. In order to avail timely services and avoid unfavorable circumstances passengers are instructed to contact airlines to book services they want to avail in advance.

Medical Certificate

Some disabled passengers travel at their will without any assistance. Airlines allow disabled passengers to travel without any assistance. In such case airline may ask passengers to provide medical certificate which shows that the passenger is fit to travel without assistance.

Those passengers who are disabled but fit to travel without assistance are required to possess a medical certificate which may need to be submitted at the time of traveling.

A medical certificate assures passenger’s physical conditions. Medical certificate is provided by the physician after a thorough examination of a disabled patient. Further information about medical certificates can be obtained from airline service centers.

Disabled Passenger Escort

Passengers who are completely impaired, unable to move without a help or cannot communicate properly should request airline services for passenger escort services. Passengers who are blind or unable to lift themselves can take someone along for a journey for their assistance and help. Airlines provide disabled passengers escort services.

The person who escorts the passenger must be over 16 years old, health and physically fit to assist the disabled person. Keeping in view the necessities of impaired passengers, airlines have devised policies which benefit their travelers in many ways and save them from inconvenience of journey and relive them from hectic and tiresome traveling.

Assistance At Luton Airport

Assistance for disabled passengers is available at Luton airport. The authorities consider passengers’ convenience at priority and free assistance is provided in the earliest. For disabled passengers green phones are placed at places in Luton airport. Whosoever wish to acquire assistance can lift the green phone and call for assistance.

Help in baggage transfer, wheel chair, transportation and help in other matters will be arranged. All green phones are easily accessible for disabled passengers at Parking, inside and outside of the terminal building. Special assistance is provided without charges to those who need.

Services For Visually And Auditory Impaired

Those passengers whose hearing abilities affect can avail induction loop facilities at the Airport. Induction loop service can help passengers in acquiring instruction easily without background noise. The system amplifies voice and transmits straight to the hearing aid.

Induction loop is transmitted via magnetic field. Also text payphones are available at different locations at the airport. Hearing dogs are also permitted by the authorities within the premises of terminal building. Special assistance is provided in all major airports of UK including the Luton Airport. The aim is to reduce stress and facilitate passengers traveling to or from Luton Airport to different parts of the globe.

Medication And MEdical Related Paraphernalia

It is advised to the passenger to carry medication in handbags in case if they are prescribed by their doctor to take medicine in time. Passengers must carry doctors’ prescription during their journey and the prescription documents must be shown at the airport security, if required.

Medical equipment which contains liquid oxygen or compressed gas is not allowed while other portable oxygen concentrators which do not contain compressed oxygen are allowed to carry on board. Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) equipment is allowed to carry on board but the evidence on the nature of CPAP must be provided at least 48 hours before departure. Medicine refrigeration services are not provided.

Facilities Of Women

According to General Condition of Carriage policies, airline service restrict travel of women with pregnancies, due to some health problems women with pregnancies are allowed to travel if they satisfy General Condition of Carriage. Women with up to 34th week of pregnancy can travel while the limit reduces to 32nd week for women with twin pregnancies.

Passengers are advised to provide medical certificated issued within 6 days of flight departure date. The certificate signifies the medical condition of the woman which shows that the woman is fit to travel by air. Restrictions are implicated for safety reasons of pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Infectious Disease

It is advised to passengers with contagious disease to provide medical fitness certificate 6 days prior to flight departure date. The certificate shows that the passenger is fit to travel and the illness is not severe.

Severity of disease may cause deterioration in health condition or may cause death; in that case airlines are not responsible for the death of the passengers traveling with severe health conditions. Passengers can contact the airline services for further assistance in this regard and provide all information for their own safety.

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