Train Station at Luton Airport

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

If you are traveling to London’s one of the busiest airport be sure that you are aware of Luton transportation. Being the busiest airport of London you may not know a lot of things so don’t get baffled immediately.

Once you arrive at the airport you can spend sometime in the airport lounge and plan a journey to your destination. It is also recommended that foreign travelers must keep city map where they are traveling to.

But if you have missed something important than don’t worry you can also find something helpful here. So just be relaxed and don’t get perplexed by unfavorable situations. There is always a way available if you look at it attentively.

Luton Airport Train Station

Unfortunately there is no train station at the Luton airport. All you can do is to travel to the nearest airport train station which is 1.3 miles away from the airport. You can catch any frequent train to London and vice versa. During day time 6 trains run every hour while in the night you can catch a train after an interval of hour.

Train tickets can be obtained from the station but you can also book your tickets online. By booking online ticket you don’t have to pay extra fares for shuttle service to/from the airport. But if you don’t book online you will be charge extra for shuttle service.

Shuttle Services

Luton airport shuttle service is provided to all travelers traveling from Parkway station, Long term car parking & Mid- term car parking. If you drive to the airport in your own car you can park the car at any of the three car parking. Car parking can be avail for a short or long time.

You can walk to the shuttle stop and take a shuttle bus. Shuttle bus service runs after every 10-12 minutes from the terminal building to the car parking areas and nearest parkway station. Servicesare also provided to the reduced mobility passengers, shuttle buses are wheelchair accessible.

Luton Airport Parkway Railway Station

If you are coming from motorway or anywhere you can reach Luton Airport Parkway railway station by taking A1081 or B653 route. Both of these lead to Parkway railway station. But for travelers traveling from Luton airport, it takes 7 minutes ride to the railway station.

They can catch Luton airport shuttle service directly to the railway station. Shuttle services are provided direct route access to the railway station. This saves a lot of time, shuttle route is the shortest and time saving. Whether the flow of passengers is more or less shuttle services is provided regularly and as per scheduled time.

Train to Luton Parkway Station

Thameslinek, Blackfriars, Farreingdon, St Pancras and many more can be availed to reach Luton Parkway Station. Trains run frequently one after one in day time but in night the frequency goes down to one after every hour. The train routes are not only confined to Parkway station but also to the other airports like Gatwick and Bridgton.

An average journey takes about 40 minutes from Gatwick and Bridgton to Luton Parkway Station. In peak hours trains can be availed after every 10 minutes. Before you travel to Parkway station and then to Luton Airport keep 15 minutes margin in your journey so that you don’t have to face any problem in traveling to the Luton Airport.

Traveling By Car

You can reach Parkway station in your own car. There is a parking peitrowy where you can park your car. Airport car parking can be expensive so you can avail a parking at any nearest place. Walk to the parkway station and take a shuttle service to the airport or you can move to other airports via parkway station if you live in the vicinity. Trains are time saving and save you from traffic fatigue.

You may get stuck in the traffic and may not be able to reach to your destination. If you wish to catch your flight you should better leave early for the flight or take a train to the nearest airport train station.

SKY Airport Transfers

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Luton Airport Taxis service is one of our most availed services. Sky Airport Taxis charges £25 for traveling to Luton Parkway Station from Luton Airport. You can book us online in advance, so when you arrive at the airport you don’t have to wait for a taxi but put your luggage in the truck and you will transferred to the Parkway Station. '