Luton Airport Security Checks

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

Security checks are an integral part of the modern day flying experience and the vast majority of travellers are aware of the restrictions in place with respect to flying and getting through security at an airport.

Being aware of the restrictions will provide travellers with a chance to minimise the inconvenience of these checks and this is why being aware of the range of Luton Airport security checks makes sense.

It is important to be aware that different airlines and operators have different restrictions in place, so you should always refer to the company you are travelling with. You should find that all hold luggage allowances are listed on your ticket or on the confirmation you received of your booking. Anyone in any doubt of the allowances for hold and hand luggage should contact their airline or check out the respective airline’s website.

No matter what your final destination is, it is essential that you arrive at Luton Airport with enough time to comfortably make your flight. It is advised to leave more time than you think and Luton Airport advise arriving two hours before the departure of your flight but if your airline provides a lengthier suggestion, it is advisable to follow their guidelines.

Arrive at Luton Airport In Good Time

Getting to the airport on time is a major issue for many people and it is best to call on the services of professionals when arriving at Luton Airport. Anyone looking for the best standard of airport transfer will find that booking your airport transfer with Sky Airport Transfers makes sense. As a company,Sky Airport Transfers is fully committed to helping passengers arrive at Luton Airport Taxi in good time for any trip they wish to make.

It is advisable to head straight to security upon arriving at Luton Airport. Most people are aware that security checks are in place and these checks can be quite stringent at times. At peak times, there may be an extended waiting period to pass through security, so give yourself as much time to pass through this stage as possible.

There are steps you can take to minimise the delays associated with passing through security including:

  • Having your passport ready
  • Having your boarding pass at hand
  • Make sure that your bag of liquid materials is available for inspections
  • Electrical items should be removed from hand luggage and placed through the X-Ray machine
  • Your coat should be taken off to be placed through the X-Ray machine
  • Be prepared to remove your shoes

People should be aware that their bags can be searched and they may be body-searched; with random searches in place.

There are stores available after the security point so you can buy food, drink, toiletries and duty-free items once you have passed through the security check.

Restrictions On Hand Luggage

At Luton Airport, passengers are generally allowed a single item of hand luggage with the maximum size for hand luggage coming in at 56cm x 45cm x 25cm although travellers are advised to check with their airline.

Liquid Rectrictions

It is possible to carry items through security as long as they are held in a container of 100ml or less; including pastes, aerosols, gels, creams and liquids. These items must be placed in a re-sealable and transparent bag which is no bigger than 20cm by 18cm, and each passenger is only allowed one bag of liquids.

In Luton Airport, there are a number of vending machines offering these bags with the cost, as of March 2017, standing at £1 for four bags. These bags should be sealed and presented separately at the X-Ray machine. The bag should be sealed and the contents of the bag should fit inside the bag comfortably.

The liquid restriction doesn’t apply to baby food and baby milk, and it is possible to take on as much as you require for the flight. Be aware that a security official may ask to taste the food and milk and the advice of the airport is to utilise jars as opposed to cartons, as these can be checked easily. It is permissible to carry nappies and wet wipes but other liquids and creams associated with caring for children may be restricted. You should find that buggies and pushchairs are allowed to be taken through airport security.

Bags are available from vending machines in the airport and cost £1 for four bags. The bag must be presented separately at the X-ray machine and must be sealed. The contents must fit comfortably inside it. Liquids may be tested to prove their authenticity.

Medical Equipment

Medicine can be contained in pressurised containers, with a limit up to 500g or 500ml, and the total limit is 2kg or 2 litres. Anyone who requires medication is advised to carry their prescription with them, and if you have the permission of the airline, it is possible to carry a small oxygen and carbon dioxide cylinders.

Banned Items

Most people are aware of the fact that there are a number of banned items that cannot be placed in your hand luggage at an airport. Luton Airport is no different and there are a number of banned items which may not be carried in luggage at Luton Airport, including:

  • Weapons and firearms
  • Items that look like weapons
  • Items which could be used as weapons
  • Open-faced razors
  • Scissors that have a blade of 3cm or longer
  • Blunt instruments that can cause injury – such as bats, sticks or sports club
  • Toxic, explosive or flammable substances
  • Skateboards or ice skates
  • Fishing rods
  • Hiking poles or skiing poles

Being aware of the restrictions imposed on certain items at Luton Airport will make the process of boarding much easier. Any passenger who is in any doubt about what can or cannot be taken on board a plane should review the Luton Airport website or contact the help desk of their flight operator.

The security checks at Luton Airport shouldn’t impact on your enjoyment of the airport or your ability to travel from Luton Airport.