Guide for Disabled Passengers

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

First thing that passengers should do is flight reservation and they should ask airline authorities about facilities they provide to disable passengers. Provide all necessary information to airline management during booking process. You can request for special assistance.

Airlines recommend passenger to request for specific facilities 48 hours prior to flight departure. Passengers with severe disabilities are allowed to accompany assistants who can help during the journey.

Airlines also allow assistance dogs in some cases but after providing them certificates which complies with their policies and rules and regulations of the country where people are traveling to and from.

Arrangement OF Special AID

Disabled passenger must consider a few things before leaving for journey. There should be a proper arrangement of special aid they need. Passengers who are unable to walk should request a taxi which can accommodate a wheelchair. Start of stress-full journey can lead to a bad day and hence a hectic traveling experience.

Impaired Passengers are advised to search for a suitable taxi for luggage, roomy and comfortable seating. Taxi services provide facilities that meet your requirement.

Special aid is provided to those passengers who are unable walk, impaired from listening and understanding instructions and lacking visual sightedness.

Medical Certificates

Disabled passengers are advised to carry all necessary documents related to their medical conditions. Certificates are checked at the security check-in and check-outs.

Medical certificates (link it to Special Assistance Luton Airport) signifies medical health and conditions of the passenger and fitness to travel without assistance. Also due to safety of other passengers medical certificate is necessary to assure that the passenger traveling do not have any severe contagious disease which may cause instant death during flight or any viral disease which can be life threatening for other travelers. Airlines do not take any responsibility for the loss of passenger’s life due to illness.

PrescriptionsOf Medication

Luggage is transferred to cargo and if you have kept medicine in your luggage, can be a problem for you. Passengers who are asthmatic, diabetic or those who need medicine periodically should keep medicine in handbag. Handbags are allowed to carry inside the flight.

Prescription of medicine must be carried in case if the security personnel ask. Prescription indicates that the passenger carrying the medicine is legally allowed to possess those medicines during the flight. Medical equipment containing compressed gas or liquid oxygen is not allowed. Also if you suffer from variation in pressure you can carry continuous positive air pressure equipment.

Airline Assistance

Disabled passengers traveling occasionally should let the airline staffs do the arrangements regarding to seating, baggage and other necessities. In most cases people impaired from legs are provided seat by the aisle for easy excess inside, outside of the flight and for other purposes. Oxygen masks are also provided during the flight if the passenger is suffering from pressure variations.

You can also request meal, suggested by your doctor, at the time of reservation. Passengers reserve the right to avail food of their choice if they have problem with conventional food. You can inform the flight staff if you feel discomfort with the seating.

Meet and Greet

Meet & greet services are offered at Luton Airport by many companies. Meet & Greet personnel are well trained and skilled and can handle disabled passengers very well.

Once you book meet & greet service you will be escorted to or from your destination. With Meet & Greet service you can avail taxi suitable and comfortable for you and which can accommodate if you are availing a wheelchair. Meet & Greet officials will also assist you to public transportation which can take you around the Luton City Airport. Public transports also provide facilities to impaired people so that they can easily bring their wheelchair inside the bus.

Traveling and Groups

Try to accompany an assistant who can take care of you, if you are unable to walk, talk or listen. You are also encouraged to schedule your journey in a group. In groups it will be easy for you to first in and last off from transportation furthermore people with disabilities are given priorities at many places.

Tour guides are instructed and well trained to look after people in groups. They can manage your journey in an appropriate, patterned and organized way. You will also be assisted for you needs during your entire travel and don’t have to worry about petty needs.

Advance Booking

While booking tickets, hotels, taxis and other services remember to provide all information about your disabilities and request for services you wish to avail. You may need a toilet specifically for disabled people and all such amenities.

Do provide exact information to airline authorities during booking procedure and avail all those facilities which are your legal right without spending more money to have all comforts during journey. While booking a taxi don’t forget to ask the taxi service which also provide baggage carrying and airport escort services along with a taxi for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs.

Stay In Accessible Part Of City

It is a good idea to look for a hotel at the midst of the city because of being accessible from all around. If you stay in a hotel which is not in a city center but near the market place and bus stops or train stations would vise choice. It is hard for a disabled person to steer the wheelchair all around the city.

Being at the city center would save a lot of effort of moving from place to place. As a common sense it is understood that country’s major transportation routes always touch city centers and most travelers prefer to choose places to stay where public transportation requires less efforts.

Luton Airport Taxi Service

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