Luton museum and Art in Wardown Park

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

One of the most popular attractions in the whole of Luton has been undergoing renovations but thankfully, Wardown House Museum and Gallery reopens to the general public on Saturday the 8 the of April, 2017.

There is only 3 miles between Luton Airport and Luton Museum and Wardown Park so anyone looking for an attraction that can be easily reached from the airport will find that this is a suitable option. There are two main driving routes between Luton airport and the Wardown Museum.

Going via Kimpton Road, which is the A505 Road, is normally the fastest route and on a standard day, this journey will take just over 10 minutes. The other driving option is going via the A6 which is a couple of minutes longer in standard traffic. The fact that there are two options to choose when travelling between Luton Museum and Wardown Park means that even if one route is busy, there is alternative route available.

Anyone considering taking public transport from Luton Airport to Wardown Park should be aware that there is no direct route. There is a choice of options between the airport and Luton town centre but from there, this is close to a ten minute walk out to the park and the museum. This isn’t ideal if you have a lot of luggage or there is a number of you in your travelling party.

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LUton Museum Has Undergone a Massive Redevelopment

The museum was closed for more than a year but Wardown Park Museum, which was previously called the Luton Museum & Art Gallery, has undergone a stunning transformation. The £3.5m redevelopment ensures that the Luton Museum will remain one of the key tourist attractions in the local area, and there is a lot to enjoy in the museum and park.

The museum is located in a Victorian mansion which is found on the edge of the town centre of Luton. While there are many different collections in the museum, the central part of the collection considers the many traditional crafts that have been enjoyed and undertaken in Bedfordshire over the years. The two main crafts of the area are hat-making and lace-making, with examples of lace from the area dating back to the 17 th century.

There are more than 600 hats in the museum and while most of these hats are held in storage, they can be viewed through prior arrangement with the museum. Other collections which can be enjoyed in the museum include Saxon jewellery, decorative arts, costumes, fine arts, straw-plaiting and medieval guild books. There are also a number of rooms which have been finished in a traditional Victorian style.

There is also a first floor in the museum and this has been operating as the Luton Life gallery since 2003. Lottery funding assisted the creation of this service of the gallery and the focus falls on Luton life of the past 150 years. There is a range of listening posts which showcases the stories of Luton residents telling their life story and what life has been like in the local area. The museum also offers a number of interactive sections where people can find out more about the development of life in Luton.

Explore The History Of Luton In The Luton Museum

Those people interested in older history of Luton will appreciate the Living Landscape gallery. This section of the museum contains natural history, archaeology finds, Roman coins, Iron Age artefacts and many other items from the story of Luton.

People who have an interest in the local regiments who have played their part in numerous wars should take the time to check out the Imperial War Museum on offer at the Luton Museum.

With changing collections and exhibitions over the course of the year, even people who have been to the Luton Museum of late will find that there is plenty more to see and do on a regular basis.

Wardown Is a Fantastic Area to Socialise In

The museum is located in Wardown Park which is one of the most attractive areas in the whole of Luton. The boating lake and the fountain are obvious pieces of interest in the park, and anyone looking for an open space within easy reach of the town centre will find that Wardown Park is the obvious choice. There are seven district parks in Luton but Wardown Park is the most popular of all of these parks.

The park is classed as a Grade II destination according to the English Heritage Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. For many people, the fact that there is a combination of Victorian and Edwardian features makes the park a natural attraction, and it is easy to see why so many people travel from near and far to see what Wardown Park has to offer.

One feature of the park that is very popular is the Daisy Chain Wall, which was initially constructed more than 100 years ago. The wall constitutes a path, called the Daisy Chain Walk, which leads people to the tennis courts, the bowling pavilion and the bowling green. The wall also separates the main body of the park from the area that is known as the pleasure garden.

Whether you are interested in Luton Museum, Wardown Park or a combination of both, Sky Airport Transfers is the ideal way to travel from Luton Airport to Wardown Park.