Luton Shopping Mall

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

There is no shortage of major tourist attractions within easy reach of Luton airport but there is also a need for travellers to enjoy themselves, to eat and to shop. While it is only natural to initially focus on the key tourist attractions and leading destinations within easy reach of Luton Airport, many travellers will benefit from learning about the local shops and entertainment options within easy reach of the airport.

There are a number of stores in the terminal building at Luton Airport but the choice is limited and focused on meeting the needs of travellers. Anybody looking for a wider range of shopping options will need to travel further and this is where Sky Airport Transfers is more than happy to help.

The Mall, located in the heart of Luton is easily reached from Luton Airport and Sky Airport Transfersare more than happy to take you to the outlet. There are a number of routes which can be taken which is good news as this provides flexibility. If one route is busy or has diversions in place, there will be an alternative route available, which should ensure that you can travel in the greatest of confidence.

The shortest distance between Luton Airport and The Mall in Luton runs via the A505. The distance is just 2.9 miles and when the traffic flows in the manner that it is expected to, the journey time is 13 minutes. This provides a quick and convenient solution for most travellers but there are other options in case the A505 is busy.

Travel The Best Route to And From Luton Airport

The A6 route is slightly longer at 3.2 miles and if the traffic flows as expected, the journey time is 15 minutes. There really isn’t much between these journey times so it is often a matter of personal preference for many people in choosing between them.

There is also the route which takes the Crawley Green Road and this is a 4 mile distance, and if the travel moves as expected, the journey time is 17 minutes. This is clearly the longer route but there isn’t too much in it and again, depending on the traffic on the other routes, it could be an option that is worth considering.

For those people who want to be aware of the key route in advance of taking their trip, one of the most common journeys to The Mall in Luton is to exit the M1 from Junction 10 and then follow the signs that direct towards the Town Centre.

This leads on to Gipsy Lane, which is the A505 and the journey will pass through a roundabout on the way to St Mary’s Road, where there will be a church located on the left hand side. The car will stay in the left hand lane, make its way through a set of traffic lights and then The Mall Luton will be located on the left hand side.

Car Peak Facilities At The Mall Luton

There is a car park at The Mall Luton and the entrance is found by taking the initial slip road to the left, which is John Street and then you follow the road heading into Melson Street which will take you to the Market Car Park.

There is another car park close to The Mall in Luton, which is just located off of Cheapside. Anyone looking for the postcode for The Mall Luton, to place into their Sat Nav, should use LU1 2HN.

The opening time for The Mall is between 9am and 6pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, between 9am and 7pm on Thursday, between 9am and 6pm on Friday and Saturday and the Sunday opening hours are between 11am and 5pm.

The opening hours for the car parks at Luton Mall are between 6am and 10pm and this is for the Market Car Park and Central Car Park. The Library Car Park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One of the key features for The Mall Luton shoppers is free Wi-Fi, which is accessible through The Cloud. In addition to many of the leading brand names in the United Kingdom available in The Mall, there is a wide range of dining options available in the mall. Whether you are looking to stop for a coffee or you want something more substantial, The Mall Luton has everything you could be looking for in order to eat and shop well. A number of the restaurants and cafes are open from 730, providing breakfast options for shoppers and professionals.

Luton GAlaxy

Another option for people looking for entertainment in Luton is the Luton Galaxy and this is just a two minute walk from Luton Mall. The journey between Luton Airport and Luton Galaxy can be undertaken in two main ways, with the A505 being the shortest option, at 3 miles. This journey, in standard traffic, will take 14 minutes. An alternative route from Luton Airport to Luton Galaxy is via the A6, a journey of 3.3 miles and this journey will take 16 minutes.

The Cineworld cinema complex in Luton is located in Luton Galaxy, making it a fantastic option for people looking to enjoy the latest blockbuster films or who wants to catch up with some major films. There is a set start time for films and anyone pushed for time can take the stress out of getting to the Cineworld on time by booking their journey with Sky Airport Transfers.

When you travel with Luton Airport Taxis, you will be provided with a quote when you book your taxi and the price will be calculated on the journey. Sky Airport Transfers operates a fixed price system and the price that you are quoted is the price that you will pay. If you are looking for value for money and you want to be confident about the taxi service you will receive in Luton, make sure Sky Airport Transfers are the company you call on.