Disabled Parking at Luton Airport

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

There are several options available to facilitate disabled customer to ensure that disabled customer experience smooth and hassle-free journey. Each Car parking area i.e.

long term, midterm and short term, at the Luton airport have parking for disabled customers. Off-airport, on airport and meet & greet parking are available.

So if you want to drive in your own car to the airport you don’t need to worry about parking areas.Luton Airport authorities always ensure that disabled traveler must not feel any trouble in availing facilities which are their legitimate right. Wherever you wish to park your car standard parking charges apply.

Off Airprot PArking Services

The off-airport parking services are provided to saving customer’s time and save them from fatigue. Off-airport parking is designed such a way that allow customers check-in while being in their car. Although a prior notification to the airport authorities is made.

Off-airport or more appropriately Airparks staff is available to assist and help disabled customer. They drive disabled customers to the airport terminal and park their car in the parking bay. The service is also affordable for those who want to park their cars for a long time. Airpark services offer a great deal for saving money and prices are comparative to other parking areas.

On-Airport Parking

You can avail any one of the three parking areas at the airport. All three parking services offer a great deal for short term and long term parking with dedicated disabled parking bays for disabled customers. Long term parking is suitable if you stay away for a long time.

Customers holding blue badge can avail free 60 minutes car parking. If they don’t return to their car within 60 minutes they will have to pay standard charges. There are also affordable package offered for short term and midterm car parking. These areas are located further from the terminal building but shuttle bus services provided to all those customers who avail these parking services.

Special Services For Disabled Customers

Customers can benefit from meet & greet and priority parking service. With these services their mental stress for parking would release. With these services you can be at ease during your airport procedure and parking matters.

Once you book these services and reach the airport your car will be taken to a secure car parking for the duration of your trip and you will be escorted to departure gates along with all facilities that you need.

Priority parking and meet & greet services can cater to your individual necessities. If you also book Luton greet services with airparks, your car will be delivered to you on your arrival at the airport terminal.

Advance Booking For Parking

Passengers should book a parking place in advance. Each parking bay contains disabled parking for disabled people but due limited in number parking areas should be booked in advance to avoid trouble in searching for a place for a short or long time. Luton airport is one of the busiest airports in London and flow of passengers is sometimes unpredictable.

Therefore due to being densely populated airport, parking areas are most pre-booked. To avoid any difficult in searching for a parking place you are suggested to pre-book Luton airport Miscellaneous services in advance. Luton airport parking is the most secure place while you are out on a trip.

Luton Parking Restrictions

There some restrictions on car parking. People with no physical disabilities are not allowed to park car at the place of blue badge holder or disabled parking. Disabled car parking areas are assigned signed boards. Only cars with a valid blue badge can be parked at the place specified for disabled blue badge holders.

Time limit also applies. Blue badge holders must consider time limits and must return to their vehicles under the specified time or else standard charges will be applicable if the parking time exceeds the allowable time limits. For more information disabled blue badge holder must refer to information section of Luton airport website.

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