Luton Airport Map And directions

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

With so many people travelling to and from Luton Airport, travel directions are vital. In the modern era, it is very easy to place an address or postcode into a Sat-Nav or route finder and then calculate a journey from there.

The official address for Luton Airport is Airport Way, Luton LU2 9LY. The postcode for Luton Airport, LU2 9LY, is often all you need to place into a route-finder. However, sometimes these devices aren’t right or working, so it makes sense for people heading towards Luton Airport to have a rough idea of the route they should take.

Heading to London Luton Airport By Car

One of the best things about London Luton Airport is the fact that it is easily accessible from all across the country. This is clearly the case by air travel but it is also true for people who are travelling on the road. The fact that Luton Airport is close to the M1 and the M25 is a great feature for travellers looking to get to the airport with a minimum of fuss and effort

For travellers who are accessing Luton Airport from the east, take the A505 Dual Carriageway. This passes through Hitchin and with the airport lying just off of the A505, it is very well sign-posted which means that people should be able to find the turnoff with a minimum of fuss and effort.

For travellers travelling by the M25, they should take the exit at Junction 21, which links on to the M1. When on the M1, Luton Airport is located just 2 miles away and the junction to look out for is Junction 10. Exit this junction and then follow signs for Luton Airport.

For travellers who are accessing Luton Airport from the west, there are two options. If approaching Luton Airport from or via Dunstable, there will be signs on offer to direct the traveller to the airport. For other travellers heading from the west, they should look to travel via the M40/M25 and then join up with the M1. The relevant exit for Luton Airport is Junction 10.

Anyone travelling to Luton Airport from the heart of London faces a trip of 32 miles while the distance from north London to Luton Airport is 30 miles. Even closer still is the distance between Milton Keynes and Luton Airport, which stands at 22 miles while the distance from Bedford to Luton Airport is just 22 miles.

Slightly further afield are the two educational bodies of Oxford and Cambridge. With students and their families heading to these destinations from all over the world, there will likely be a number of people interested in the travelling distances between Luton Airport and some of the leading educational areas in the world. Cambridge is the closer of the two bodies, lying 35 miles from Luton Airport while Oxford is 50 miles from Luton Airport.

While Luton Airport is a natural hub for people in and around London, the range of destinations accessible from the airport means that people travel from far and wide to catch their flight. It is not uncommon for people to travel from Birmingham to Luton Airport and the distance for this journey is 90 miles.

Dropping Off And Picking Up At Luton Airport

While there are reliable public transport and taxi options for Luton Airport, particularly when booking with Sky Airport Transfers, many people arrange for friends or family members to drop them off and pick them up at Luton Airport.

There is a Priority Set Down area which is located very close to the Terminal building, at most a 2 minute walk. This is a fantastic option for people with a lot of luggage or who are not looking to walk a long distance, perhaps due to the age of people in their travelling party. The cost of access to this part of Luton Airport is £1, and this provides access for up to 10 minutes. Any cars in this part of the airport must not be left unattended.

There is also a Short Term Car Park available at Luton Airport and this is located within a short walking distance to the Terminal at Luton Airport. There is a charge for this services, with 30 minutes access chargeable at £4.00, 45 minutes chargeable at £6.90 while anyone looking to access this area for up to an hour will face a charge of £8.20. All charges were correct as of March 2017. Anyone holding a Blue Badge permit is entitled to gain access for up to one hour at the cost of accessing the area for up to 30 minutes.

When it comes to airport parking in this part of Luton Airport, it is recommended to book in advance and this can be arranged through the airport car park holder.

Anyone looking to take the stress and hassle out of travelling to or from Luton Airport Taxis will find that booking an airport transfer makes sense. Sky Airport Transfers have a great deal of experience and expertise in helping people travel to and from Luton Airport. No matter the time of day or night someone is looking to travel to or from Luton Airport, booking an airport transfer from Sky Airport Transfer is a smart idea.

Luton Airport continues to grow in popularity and the airport looks set to be a popular hub for travellers in and out of London for many years to come.