Club Batchwood

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

Located in St Albans, the Club is situated in Hertfordshire. You will experience a different clubbing way in the Club Batchwood. The location is at the center of St Albans which can easily be accessed from all around the city. You will come across talent from all around the UK and globe.

The Club opens every Friday and Saturday. The Club has a classical chandelier and highly illuminating environment with high quality sound system.

There are two floors with VIP areas and reserved tables for people who wish private and separate seating. Inside the bar is the Grey Goose suite. The suit offers high-class table services and high quality beverage menu.


You can scrutinize the list of event of the entire year. There are numerous programs scheduled every month. Choose any program which you wish to watch and reserve your seats. Each program’s entry ticket costs different. Some programs are offered at £8 whereas some are offered at £3.

The fee is charged depending on the program and artist. Some artists belong to UK and some from other parts of countries.

The fee helps the club to provide expenses and other amenities of artists and their charges. Family programs are also organized so you head to the club with your family to watch family programs.

Parties And Celebrations

The club also arranges parties for you at the places mentioned with dots anywhere in UK. You will experience the way which you have never experienced before. So if you want to organize any birthday, stag or Christmas party the club workforce will do it for you without having you worried for any single thing.

You should celebrate your birthday party without being barred. Book a private area of the club solely allocated by your and you can invite your friends. You can also choose for yourself favorite drink from our menu. You will be served directly at your table. You can also give your groom friends a stag party and capture every single moment in your photo album.

Private Booths

Private Booth provides you a liberty to enjoy your evening with your loved one without any interruption of crowed. Booths are enclosed with high quality seating material, very relaxing and comfortable. You can order your drink while sitting at one place with a flick of your fingers.

But don’t drink too much or else you will fall asleep and your friends will have to escort your home. You can also avail private areas dance floors for rich clubbing experience. Bring your friends and party all night. With an ultimate clubbing experience you will enjoy the music nights by the most talent and skilled DJ. He will stun your ability and you will lose yourself to the rhythm of his music.

Offers And Packages

Packages are offered to enhance your entry to club. You can take advantage of the Club packages and get entry without any hurdle. If you forgot your wallet, don’t worry, with your package you can avail one drinks voucher. The club offer a pack specially designed for those who play ‘taxi’ for everyone else when everyone is down on the floor after having lot of drinks.

This kind of pack is designed only for 'heroes' who drive you back home safely. With this pack you will not be left unattended without a drink. You will be given soft drink vouchers and jump in a queue. If you get the pack online you will be given discount.


If you need information about events, packages and location of the club you can contact the concerned personnel or you can leave your query in the contact section. Fill up the form, provide your details and leave your question. You will be responded on your provided email address.

You can also call on the customer care center number. The customer representatives will provide information and resolve all your queries. If you want to know about club location you can find the location online in the contact section. Office hours from Monday to Friday are 9 am to 5pm. You can call or walk to the club office in working days.

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