Dropping off passengers at Luton Airport

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

Getting to and from Luton Airport is hugely important for many people and it is good to know that there are many options to choose from. The options involved with getting to or from Luton Airport include:

  • Booking a taxi with a company like Sky Airport Transfers
  • Use public transport
  • Take your own car and utilise airport parking
  • Get dropped off at Luton Airport

Anyone driving to Luton Airport or is arranging to be dropped off at Luton Airport should note the postcode to place into your Sat Nav. The postcode of Luton Airport is LU2 9QT.

As Luton Airport is located close to the M1 and the M25 motorways, many people decide to drive to the airport. At just over 30 miles from London and 90 miles from Birmingham, Luton Airport is ideally situated for people from a large part of England and given that the airport is a leading budget flights hub, it is a very popular choice.

While Gatwick and Heathrow will be the airports that people readily associate with London and UK flights, Luton Airport offers something different, and it is something that is in high demand. Budget flights and cheap deals have always been attractive but with the changing nature of the UK economy and the way people live their lives, there is a greater demand for city breaks, short holidays and finding value for money in foreign travel. This is a big factor in why Luton Airport has become hugely popular and this popularity is set to continue for many years.

With respect to drop-offs, there are a number of areas where passengers can be dropped off at Luton Airport but the driver is not permitted to leave their vehicle. There will always be people looking to circumvent the rules or gain an advantage that isn’t readily available but there is a high level of security in these areas and anyone found to have broken the guidelines with respect to drop- offs at Luton Airport may find themselves in trouble.

There is a free drop off available at Luton Airport and there is also a premium drop off, which is accessible for a small fee.

Dropping Of Passengers

When it comes to dropping people off at Luton Airport, or picking them up, is the Mid Term Car Park. This permits people to park in this area for 30 minutes. There is also the fact that there is a free bus shuttle service running from this area to the airport terminal. The shuttle bus service runs every 10 minutes and the journey time for the trip is five minutes.

The Short Term car park is located within walking distance from the car park, which is a good option for many people. When you are looking to minimise the time spent in getting to the airport and want to get close to the airport, this is a sensible option. If you are looking to use the Short Term car park, the cost is £3.80 for 30 minutes.

There is also the Priority Set-Down Zone, and this is located just outside of the airport terminal. As you would expect, this is the premium area and there is a fee for accessing this area. If you are looking to use the Priority Set-Down Zone, the cost is £2 for 15 minutes worth of access time.

There Is a Range Of Drop Off Options At Luton Airprot

The fact that there are a number of drop-off options is great, because it offers flexibility. If you have plenty of time and you would rather save money, using the Mid-Term drop off option and then taking a shuttle bus is likely to be of benefit to you. If you have less time, the two premium options allow you to save time by spending some money. Different people have different ideas on what constitutes value for money but you can see why a lot of people would be more than happy to pay for a better standard of services when getting to Luton Airport.

If you have a large travelling party or you have a lot of luggage, this may impact on the drop-off option you take. You may prefer to be dropped off as close to the terminal building as possible, as this will save time and it will prevent you from carrying a lot of luggage. There is also the fact that the shuttle bus service may not be large enough to carry all of your travellers, particularly if other passengers are being collected, and this could add a further delay to your journey. It is important to plan ahead and be aware of as many issues as possible when looking to arrange your transport to Luton Airport.

If you are looking to get dropped off at Luton Airport but don’t have someone available to drive you to or from the airport, it makes sense to book at taxi. At Sky Airport Transfers, we have a great fleet of vehicles which will ensure you receive the best standard of support and service when it comes to airport transfers. No matter the time of day or night you are looking to make your way to the airport, Sky Airport Transfers are on hand to provide you with comfort and the easiest way to travel.

No matter how you decide to travel to Luton Airport, there is a suitable option for your needs.