International Garden Photographer of the Year

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

International Garden Photographer of the year competition will be exhibited at Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton from 23 rd September to 26 th November 2017

International Garden Photographer of the Year or IGPOTY is a worldwide competition event that encompasses beautiful photographs of flowers, plants and gardens.

IGPOTY is a subsidiary of the Group called Garden World Images Ltd. It also has an affiliation with Royal Botanic Gardens in the UK. It holds national and international seminars, workshops, and deliver educational lectures on Botany and plant photography.

The annual exhibition takes place at Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, UK. The firm hosts several competitions throughout the year and closes on 31 st of October every year. Winner of the contest is announced in February following the opening launch of the exhibition.

IGPOTY is the perfect event for individuals who have a unique love for gardens and photography. It also provides splendid exposure to those who are willing to explore more about the beauty of plants. There is no restriction for joining and attending the event.

In fact, the firm has also introduced competition for children by the name Young Garden Photographer of the Year with a maximum age of 17 to enter. The ticket is £5 for four entry tokens.

With professional and amateur photographers, IGPOTY hosts an elegant presentation of their work to showcase how mesmerising can plant be for inspiration. Not only Botanic beauty but the stunning artistic view of landscapes and mountainous countryside of the UK.

Since its foundation in 2000, IGPOTY has grown and attracted thousands of artists and nature lovers globally to display their best photography.

The site chosen to host the IGPOTY event is Stockwood Discovery Centre in Luton that is a historic craft museum. It displays the famous artefacts and artistic collection of archaeology, social history, rural crafts, and geology of the area.

Stockwood Craft Museum is also a house of the original collection of horse-drawn carriages in the entire Europe, called The Mossman Collection.

If you’re planning to witness a mentally comforting and soothing event with family and friends, you must visit the Stockwood Discovery Centre from 23 rd September to 26 th November 2017 in Luton. And if you think what it takes to be a real Garden photographer then enrol your portfolio in just £25 for four entry tokens.

This is the minimum cost for one category. However, you can select more than one by paying the more amount mentioned above. The portfolio consists of six images. Therefore, you must insert six garden or related images so that it can be judged as a whole.

There is no need of pre-bookings, and the event is free of cost to attend but has pricings for participation.