5 Things to Do on Halloween

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

There's still plenty of time left to plan for the most frightening night of the year

For those who don't know what Halloween is and have been celebrating the night without knowing it - it's an evening and a night of celebration held on 31st of October, followed by 1 November 1 st 2nd3rd for related festivals, every year by the Christians of several countries.

Also called All Saints' Eve – Halloween is an ancient Celtic festival of Samhain that they celebrated 2,000 years ago in Great Britain and France. People all over the world have been celebrating this day by wearing spooky-scary costumes strolling around the cities to revive the Celtic memories.

Here's the list of five things you must do on Halloween to add fun and fearsome amusement to the eve.

The Costume Party

While children are busy in ‘Trick or Treat' – the teenagers and adults are busy in attending spook-tacular costume parties where people wear freaky costumes.

The purpose to host such parties is to blend in with others to see how colours and dresses of a different kind affect the personalities. With joyful eve and wow-costumes, one cannot resist from attending these parties.

In Luton, there are private and public parties where locals can join in with others to enjoy unnerving music with gothic lighting.

Tour of Horror

The second best thing you can do is to go out in groups or with your loved ones to just wandering around the Luton city. Events are meant to be special and there's no good way than coming out your homes to witness what the outside has to offer.

If you in Luton, you will have a great offer of nightclubs with themed parties that you can go to with your friends to enjoy a night of terror. Everyone decorates their houses, so this is a great chance to prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse.

Terrifying Parks

Luton Hoo Park, Wardown Park, Caddington Park, Stockwood Park, and Wigmore Park – all of these and other recreational sites are themed-up for the Halloween because most families and couple with children turn their face to parks and what's in it if they're not scaring your children.

A great way to exaggerate the fun is to visit these boo-tiful parks to visit the witches with magic wand and brooms.

Marathon of Terror

Some locals like to get into the scary-mood by watching scary movies. Teenagers and adults create an outside mini cinema where all of them dressed in strange-unrecognisable costumes sit on the grass of small stools to watch horror movies on a big screen.

Apart from the sudden, terrifying sound and growling gfx - the sound of going for a horror movie on Halloween in Luton is indeed frightening.

Canted Zombies

Children add extra fun to Halloween by going door-to-door for trick or treat. Its every child's dream to collect as many candies as possible and one can tell how stubborn children become on the eve as they just won't go away until they get some candy.

It's good and alarming as too much candy is dangerous for health, especially teeth. So be careful, and have a blast on this Halloween.