How to Travel From Luton Airport to London

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

56% passengers to or from Luton Airport find somewhat challenging to travel to London without proper guidance

Reaching the airports is one situation but getting off the plane and going out of the city is challenging, but if you have proper guidance or have a good idea to opt for the right service that you believe will provide with taxi services of your need and desire, then it’s not a challenge.

Sky Airport Transfer is bringing you a brief guide to travel from Luton Airport to London, here’s what you need to know.

Travel from Luton Airport to London by Bus or Coach

Buses are easily available right from outside Luton Airport because the airport is located in the midst, creating a hive sort of link for transportation. Whether it’s London or any other destination, you can always get on the bus to travel without a problem.

For London, there are three main buses that run from Luton Airport, Terravision, Easybus, and Greenline Bus. All of these bus services are prompt and good with slight variation in the prices. Greenline Bus charges £10 for one-way and £17 for the return journey.

Easy Bus charges £9 for one-way and £18 for the return journey and Terravision charges £10 for one-way and £17 for a return. The buses are comfortable, have various stops and travel according to its allocated time.

For a coach, we’d prefer the National Express Coach that takes £5 – £12 for one-way journey and £10 – £24 for the return journey.

Travel from Luton Airport to London By Car

Travelling becomes much easier if you happened to have a car or manage to hire one from the airport. For Private hire, Sky Airport Transfer provides best private hire services right from the Luton Airport to anywhere in London.

However, people having their car need to choose the highways carefully as few roads are linking the London route. The prices may be a little high than bus or coach but it will worth your money.

Travel from Luton Airport to London by Train

One of the oldest ways to travel to London is by train. People who still understand the worth and value of trains, prefer trains for travelling over any other transportation medium. There are three primary train services: Virgin Train and Trainline and Thameslink.

All of these are fast and reliable. Thameslink charges £12 – £13 for one-way and £25 – £26 for a return during off-peak fare.

Travel from Luton Airport to London by Taxi

Thanks to Luton Airport Taxis, travelling from Luton Airport to London by taxi have become one of the best ways to the Capital.

The fleets we have are of latest model with flight monitoring and GPS tracking. You won’t feel a tiny pebble on your journey with us and us reliable and secure taxi service. The prices start from £40 to £65 depending upon what car type you choose for travelling. The booking procedure is easy, and the service is secure and fast.