Luton Family Roller Disco - Summer Shutdown

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

Experience the world on eight wheels by rolling down on skates with Luton Family Roller Disco event on Sunday 24th September 2017

Introduced in 2007 - Rollback Roller Skating is a proud name which allows the locals of Bedfordshire to enjoy roller skating and music at the same time. Roller Skating is one of the excellent ways used for various for fitness and entertainment.

Rollback Roller has hosted several events in Bedfordshire, and their upcoming event is going to Barnfield West Academy in Luton on Sunday the 24 th of September 2017.

How Roller Disco Came Into Being

Roller Skating is a great way to blend in with people for socialization. It brings people closer to each other for greater interaction and involvement. Roller Skating became a favorite sport in the 1970s when individuals of different ages decided to play roll down the abandoned halls for fun and amusement.

Later it reached the streets where everyone was delighted to witness it as a way to maintain fitness. With a successful decade, disco fever arrived in the cities and doubled the fun Roller Skating already had. Today Roller Disco is one of the famous family events where people of all ages comes under one roof to enjoy Roller skating and disco at the same time.

Rollback Roller promotes Roller Disco in very safe and sound environment. There’s absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed due to the presence of minors and children. However, the timing for their upcoming event in Luton is different each for a different set of ages. Regardless of what university, college or school you’re in, everyone can attend the event just to have a perfect weekend.

No Generation Gap

One of the ethos of Rollback Roller to host such events is to eliminate the generation gap between young and old people. It wants both generations to teach one another about values of each era so that both could get respect and learn to benefit the future generations.

So, if you’re looking to spend a spectacular Sunday with your family, then Luton Family Roller Disco is the best event for you to attend. Laugh, enjoy the music, and roller stake as much as you want because this is going to be a memorable event that Luton won’t forget. Rollback Roller is planning to host such events on a weekly basis in Luton.

  • The entry timing for the event is 3 pm to last entry at 4:30 pm.
  • Minimum age to attend is five years.
  • Location of the event is Barnfield West Academy, Luton
  • Entry price for public is £4 + £1 skate hire