Luton Library Theatre

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Experience the Dramatic and enchanting history of Luton’s favourite theatre – Luton Library Theatre

Opened in 1962 – Luton Library Theatre was one of a kind theatre that opened its gates of entertainment to Luton. At first, the theatre was a lecture theatre that is quite similar to conference rooms.

Although it does have a separate conference where several meetings, Workshops and seminars are conducted. Luton Library Theatre initially consisted of 256 seats followed by two-side aisles.

Interestingly, the foundation of the theatre did not have any plans to introduce any entertainment medium (drama, films, music etc.), but eventually build up an atmosphere which welcomed everything and everyone. Over the next few years after its institution, Luton Library Theatre launched programmes that specifically encircled drama and music events including for children. In fact, the event programme took a hype and became more popular with the theatre.

Successful Decades

After the initiation of events, Luton Library Theatre was bombarded with theatre admirers from all over the town. The theatre had witnessed an exponential increase in the audience every day. Luton Library Theatre survived the 60s, 70s, and 80’s decades with nothing but massive success and remarkable fame across Bedfordshire.

The 70s was the time when disco music was at a peak; it gave Luton Library Theatre a perfect chance to accelerate its way up to the top by hosting musical concerts, competition and other events.

Development In The 90s

Due to the increased number of audience, Luton Library Theatre decided to expand the seating arrangement in the 90’s decade. But there was a problem; the management wanted toe seating to be more stylish and comfortable for the people that’s why they only had two choices to go with: increase the number of seats with low-average quality or reduce the number of seats to make it comfortable and stylish. The management went with the second option and reduced the seats to 238 and made the seats look more fancy and convenient than ever.

The refurbishment of the theatre again took place before the end of the century when fabric and technical changes were made to garnish the exterior. Similar changes were also made later in 2009 when Luton Library Theatre introduced a bar, café, and few improvements in the front house.

Luton Library Theatre

Luton Library Theatre is 5 minutes away from Luton’s prominent shopping centre. For those travelling from Train, can reach the theatre in just 10 minutes if boarded from Luton central train station.

You can also book the venue for programmes and events in reasonable cost.