Top 5 Restaurants Near Luton Airport

Restaurants in Luton Airport:

Being the 5th busiest airport, Luton Airport along with its surrounding is always crowded with tourists, locals, and travellers. Thanks to the Luton Borough Council, every amenity that adds more fun and enjoyment to travelling is available at and around Luton Airport. From hotels, historical landmarks, shopping centres, museums, sports centres to restaurants, Luton Airport sure knows how to facilitate admirers.

Let’s take a brief look at top 5 best restaurants at Luton Airport that will make you hungry again.

  1.      Chicken George – 345 Hitchin Road, Luton LU2 7SW, UK

Situated 2.6 miles (8 mins) away from Luton Airport, Chicken George is a meal-takeaway restaurant that is rated ‘Best Fast Food Restaurant near Luton Airport’, Chicken George Luton is also been nominated for Best Fast Food in England. From ribs, beans, fried chicken to burgers, you can enjoy delicious food from 12 PM to 10 PM daily.

  1.      Deserts Rose Restaurant and Café – 55 Bute St, Luton LU1 2EP, UK

Located 1.8 miles (9 mins) from Luton Airport, Deserts Rose Restaurant and Café Luton is a Lebanese restaurant that offers exquisite Arabic grilled meat and meze, it has a shisha garden, the stone walls are painted in such a way that fascinates every visitor. The food is absolutely delicious and people love their service.

  1.      Beefeater Brache – Osborne Rd, Luton LU1 3HJ, UK

Resides 1.2 miles (4 mins) away from Luton Airport, Beefeater Brache is a superb steakhouse. People just love the way Beefeater Brache presents grilled meats, fajitas, and chilly-grilled steaks with drinks. If you want to eat delicious steaks in Luton, head right to Beefeater Brache Luton.

  1.      Wernher Restaurant – The Mansion House, Beech Tree Dr, Luton Hoo Estate, Luton LU1 3TQ, UK

Situated 4 miles (10 mins) away from Luton Airport, Wernher Restaurant Luton is probably the only British cuisine restaurant that’s rated the most. What really attracts the people after food is the fine-looking interior, chandeliers, framed mirrors, and lavish British food. If you’re in Luton for a while, visit the place to witness how delicious and opulent British cuisines can be.

  1.      La Trattoria – 66 Bute Street, Luton LU1 2EY, UK

Are you looking for a good Italian restaurant near Luton Airport? La Trattoria Luton is 1.9 miles (8 mins) away from Luton Airport. It’s an excellent and unique place to eat, in fact, its one of the only Italian restaurants in Luton that’s rated positively by tourists. Enjoy the pure Italian dishes and a wonderful friendly service that just makes you want to visit again.

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