Top 5 Attractions Surrounding Luton Airport

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

Did you know that Luton Airport is filled 27% with strollers who visit it for shopping and relaxation?

Luton Airport has become one of the favourite spots for tourists and locals too who visit this architectural marvel for various soothing purposes.

Situated 30 miles to the North of London, Luton Airport has never disappointed its admirers. However, the location of Luton Airport is ideal as it is surrounded with everything that person can desire to spend a good time.

Here's a list of top 5 attractions near Luton Airport that can be visited to kill the waiting time.

1. A Place Of Soothe & Relaxation

Everyone wants to escape the daily hustle of office and other things that only exaggerate the excruciating pain in the head. Whether you are a tourist, who’s looking for a place to slow-down your breath or a traveller who are tired of the flight and need a time out.

Luton Airport has several relaxation spots around it which provide excellent lounges and hotels for relaxation. From quite comfortable sleep to relax and calm atmosphere with food & drinks, Luton Airport is wrapped with nothing but peace.

2. Let's Go For Shopping

Shopping is one the most common reasons to pass the time. Not only for the travellers and tourists, but everyone around the world goes for shopping to buy things that they like and enjoy a time-out.

Luton Airport has several shops including a separate duty-free shopping side at the airport. You can buy clothes, drinks, perfumes, toiletries, gifts, cosmetics, and it even has its own Travel Galleria. It has famous brands such as W.H Smooth, The Sunglasses Hut, Dixons, and Boots. So, if you’re looking a distraction at Luton Airport then make sure you time to visit these excellent shops.

3. Food and Drinks

Nothing fits best if there’s no food and drink to digest the views, that’s why Luton Airport has restaurants such as Krispy Kreme, Costa Coffee, Pret a Manger, Starbucks, Yam Yam to Go, the food village and much more.

The 27% strollers that visit Luton Airport and its surrounding mostly come to dine at this place because they find most of the famous food & drink brands at the same time. So next time you feel hungry or thirsty at Luton Airport, then don’t forget to visit these food courts.

4. Family Parks

If you have quite some time to explore the Luton City, grab one of those easy reliable local transportation linked to Luton Airport. If you’re a traveller than I would suggest you choose the local taxi services for peaceful rides and fun. You can request you journey with Sky Airport Transfers that provide exclusive low-priced rides around Luton.

There are several parks you can visit such as Wardown Park, Stockwood Park, Wrest Park Gardens, and much more. These are absolutely family places and great spots for amusement.

5. Lavish Historic Luton

Luton is jam-packed with historic places that not only takes you back to the 14th century and beyond. Sites such as Someries Castle that is red-brick fortified manor house of the 15th century which also served as a chapel and Wardown House Museum and Gallery that has a vast, unique history of artefacts and World War II contribution.

Visit these mystical places to increase your historical knowledge about Luton.