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Top 5 Things to Do in Luton

2018 / May / 29 Posted at Sky Airport Transfer LTD

Are you Looking for things to do this weekend to kill boredom?

Luton has a lot to offer, from interesting oldest heritage to recognition as being the pioneer of industrialisation; it has become a perfect spot for tourists, visitors and locals who love spending time strolling around the town for fun.

But we are you haven’t explored it all, and that’s we have brought you a list of top 5 things that you can do while you’re in the town as a tourist or a local.

Here’s a list of Top 5 things to do in Luton to make your weekend a memorable one.

1. Watch Football

If you’re a real fan of football, then you’d love Luton as it has one of the best clubs in Britain - Luton Town Football Club.

But that’s okay even if you occasionally tune in to football because often visits stadiums to watch football is more enjoying to some.

You can always visit the Luton Stadium situated on Kenilworth Road. It is 5-8 minutes’ drive from theLuton Town Centre.

2. Experience Food and Drinks

Lutonians love to eat and drink and not a single day goes by when Luton don’t surprise its locals with new delicious food and drinks from the exquisite brewery. Some excellent bars and pubs are The Sugar Loaf, Bricklayers’ Arms, The White House Pub and Jolly Milliner.

You can always grab a bite at Monna Lisa, Nakorn Thai Restaurant, La Trattoria, Wernher Restaurant, Chicken George, and Nando’s, these are some of the best pubs and restaurants in Luton.

3. Feel Theatres and Cinemas

Luton has its unique filmic history of Bedfordshire. It has several famous cinemas and theatres that one cannot resist from visiting.

So, if you’re looking to spend an evening watching breath-taking dramatic events, make sure you visit Luton Library Theatre, or you can always watch the latest movies at Cineworld Cinema as every entertainment platform in Luton provides a beautiful experience that you can comfortably enjoy with family and friends.

4. Enjoy Parks and Recreational Site

Looking for family parks and sites that can lighten your weekend with family? Luton is filled with mesmerising parks such as Luton Hoo Memorial Park where you can also witness the one and only Luton Hoo Hotel, Wardown Park has the best beautiful bridge where you can not only enjoy nature but you’d its penetration to your soul.

Some other famous parks are Wigmore Park, People’s Park, Lothair Recreation Ground, Caddington Park, and Stockwood Park.

5. Witness Luton's Industrialization

Luton has been recognised as one of the best market towns in Bedfordshire, and it was industrially highlighted in the 14 th to 18 th century when Luton introduced its modern side to the world. You can visit the famous Luton’s Hat Factory as it showcases how Luton revolutionised head-wear for the locals by making best hats in the world.

Leading in education is the renowned University of Bedfordshire, located in the midst of Luton and who can forget Vauxhall Motors, pioneers of the automobile in Bedfordshire who also contributed to the World War II.