What is the Peak-Time at London Gatwick Airport?

The peak times at London Gatwick Airport is from 7 AM to 10 AM in the morning and 5 PM to 8 PM in the evening.

Second-Busiest Airport in London:

London Gatwick Airport (LGW) is rated mostly for its passenger traffic that is over 43 million per year and remarkable airport facilities. Gatwick Airport is also the second-largest airport in the UK (first is London Heathrow Airport). With only two terminals, more than 70 airlines operate flights to 200+ unique destination around the world. Gatwick Airport is also enlisted amongst busiest single runway airport.

What are the rush hours at Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Airport rush hours comes on twice: during morning and evening, the flights-load is usual in the afternoon but the traffic may become a little congested.

Where is Gatwick Airport Parking?

Gatwick Airport parking resides quite near to Gatwick Airport Arrivals & Departures, following are the types of parking at Gatwick Airport:

Each aforementioned parking Gatwick Airport type is a different one from another based on pricing, services, location, and duration of parking. Since it is the 2nd busiest London Airport, finding a safe and reliable parking at Gatwick Airport may become challenging.

Where is train station near Gatwick Airport?

The nearest train station to London Gatwick Airport is Horley Train Station (RH6 9GY) that is 1.6 miles (5 minutes) away via Massetts Road from Gatwick Airport.

Is there a train station at Gatwick Airport?

Yes, Gatwick Airport has its own train station called ‘Gatwick Airport Train Station’ (RH6 0RD) situated in the midst of South Terminal Arrivals and Airport information office at Gatwick Airport.

If you’re travelling to Gatwick Airport from London Victoria Station, use the Gatwick Express, a fast, safe, and reliable train service from London Victoria Train Station SW1E 5ND to Gatwick Airport Station.

Are there hotels near Gatwick Airport?

Yes, following hotels are some of the reasonable, convenient, and closest Gatwick Airport Hotels:

What is Gatwick Airport parking price?

Short Stay parking Gatwick Airport price is £3.80 for 30 minutes and £45 for a day, Premium Short Stay Parking Gatwick Airport is £4.90 for 30 minutes and £55 for a day, and Long Stay parking Gatwick Airport is £7.50 for 30-60 minutes and £25 for a day.

All the parking types are situated few minutes’ walks from Gatwick Airport Arrivals and Departures, the facility is guarded, there are CCTV cameras for surveillance and monitoring followed by patrolling guards in two shifts (day and night). Also, the Gatwick Airport Parking prices may differ due to amenities and time duration.

Where is the smoking area at Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Airport Smoking Area is situated outside the terminal building near Gatwick Airport Bus Stop, there no smoking area inside the terminal or after security clearance at Gatwick Airport.

How can I Travel to Gatwick Airport?

You can book an instant taxi to Gatwick Airport with Gatwick Airport Taxis and Private Car Hire that is perfect for safe, affordable, and punctual Gatwick Airport Transfers.

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